Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini

Primary Motivation: to learn and communicate

How Things Get Done: through multitasking and cleverness

Temper Tantrum Style: verbal diarrhea

Gemini Mars can easily get restless when they are pursuing their goals. Unless there are Earth or Fixed sign placements to ground and focus them, it?s all too easy for them to switch course. They figuratively get bored chasing the same carrot on a stick for too long and pursue the next exciting thing that comes along. Motivation is more of a mental thing for Mars in Gemini men and women than anything else. They want their accomplishments to stimulate them intellectually, to make them feel like they?re learning and that their brainpower is growing. This is what makes most of them so scattered in nature, as they can easily become interested in just about anything. Of course, it has to keep them interested. When they are, their high energy and intelligence serves them very well.

Gemini Mars females and males have a real knack for multitasking. In fact, they practically invented this fine art. It?s effortless for them to get two, three, or even more things done at the same time. This can make them peerless in fast-paced workplaces. While their competitors might become overwhelmed or frustrated in chaotic situations with constant demands, Mars in Gemini truly thrives in these settings. As long as they?re not bored, basically, they?re motivated. This is just as true sexually, as the last thing they want to do is the same positions over and over again. This means, though, that there?s rarely a dull moment in the sack with them and they are full of surprises. But, because they?re so mercurial, it may be hard to predict what might set them off. Few are better at telling people off than Gemini Mars, as they will get every last agitated thought out in an unstoppable angry monologue.

Famous Females: Natalie Portman, Uma Thurman, Coco Chanel
Famous Males: Al Pacino, Damon Wayans, Daniel Day Lewis

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