If sanctions on Islamists in Iran then Hezbollah will fire rockets

If sanctions on Islamists in Iran then Hezbollah will fire rockets

The proxies are ready to act. I am sure they have new weapons from the Chinese, that can go even deeper into Israel. When will the world learn, that the Islamist Fascists are not going to give up on their ideology. And they are using the secular Iranians' oil income to fund their dogma. Call for a General Strike in Iran now. Help the people.

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- Hirsh Wants Bush To Talk To Islamist Fascists In Iran
So let's say that Bush, like the Pope decides to bend completely backwards. I bet you, that he will get snubbed, just like the Pope, by the Islamist Fascists in Pakistan and Iran. And then to think that the Islamist Fascists are to Bush, as the Chinese...

- If Pressure Continues, Iran's Islamist Dictators Can Change Mind On Npt
As if the Islamist fascists in Iran have ever wanted to instill confidence. All they have done was to raise suspicion, and make Iran a pariah state, by playing into the hands of the neocons in USA. But these Islamists/Hezbollah (Hizbollah) fanatics see...

- The Iranian People Are Not Interested In Hezbollah
Truth is that the secular people of Iran really care more about what is happening to the economy than anything else. The Islamists in Iran (Hezbollah created by Khomeini) are trying anything to look like heros in the face of pure apathy.read more | digg...

- Hezbollah's Hate, Made In Iran
Good summary on Hezbollah (Party of God) and its roots in Iran's Islamists. Please note that Iranians and Islamists in Iran are not the same. Iranians are part of a much deeper more peaceful ancient humanitarian philosophy. Iranians identify with...

- Want A Quick Solution? Pop The Question.
Want a quick solution to all this nuclear crisis for Iran? Yes of course you do. How do we do it? It is really easy. All that we need, is for the theocratically elected Ahmadinejad, to declare that he does not want to nuke Israel. That is all. He just...