Mars in the Signs

Mars in the Signs

What?s your energy level, your driving motivation, that push that gets you out the door? Look to the Mars sign in your birth chart. This planet placement has a huge influence on our drive and how we go about accomplishing our goals and why. Mars determines just what we?re chasing after in life and the manner in which we get it. This is why Mars is associated with a person?s sex drive and the way they ?get some.? But, sex is just a fraction of the equation. Mars is about desire, in all its forms.

Mars also influences the way we respond when we don?t get what we want. Whenever our goals or desires are thwarted or denied, anger and frustration are typical human responses. But, Mars doesn?t exactly rule our anger. The Moon ? which governs our emotions ? is more so where our anger comes from. Mars, however, determines our temper; in other words, how we express our anger and frustration. Some people fly off the handle easily, while others take a while to get their blood rising. This is due to the Mars sign.

As I said before in the Venus sign article, astrologers all too readily associate gender labels on the planets. Yes, Mars is ?masculine?, but this doesn?t mean a man?s Mars sign is going to be more prominent than a woman?s. In this sense, masculine only means active and assertive; traits that both sexes can display. We all have desires and motivations, whether we?re male or female. And if you want to succeed in the world, embodying the best aspects of your Mars sign is one of the most effective ways to do so.

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