Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo

Primary Motivation: to improve oneself

How Things Get Done: through productivity and order

Temper Tantrum Style: rip ?em to shreds

People with a Virgo Mars are highly motivated by a desire for self-improvement. Their goals are planned and structured in a manner to better themselves and their lives. They are tireless in the pursuit of these goals, due to their tremendous work ethic and dedication. The sheer act of working is truly what motivates them, to the point where they may become workaholics who are unable to stop. Also, since they?re so focused on the lofty goals they want to achieve, Mars in Virgo men and women can be too critical of their current station in life. This inspires a certain restlessness in them, as they are constantly driven to get better and better. Their desire to improve can be counterproductive, however, when it becomes harsh and self-critical and this is something that they struggle to overcome.

No one knows how to tackle a task like Virgo Mars does, as they will sweat endlessly over whatever they deem important until it?s accomplished. Once they get going, they are incredibly productive. Their uncanny knack for organization only boosts their efficiency. In fact, although usually humble and modest, these people are so skillful and effective on the job that they unintentionally find themselves outshining most of their co-workers. Being so thorough and dedicated means that they usually know exactly how to please their sexual partners. Sex becomes a service they?re very willing to perform, even if they do get a bit critical or fussy at times. Anger for Mars in Virgo often surfaces as a snappy irritability, whenever someone or something annoys them. When they really flare up, they can be brutally critical, tearing the other person apart by accurately and articulately pointing out their flaws. 

Famous Females: Alicia Keys, Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears
Famous Males: Matt Damon, Will Smith, Johnny Depp


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