North Node Astrology Available March 21st!

North Node Astrology Available March 21st!

Dear Readers~
The book will be available to
buy on
on March 21~and NOW on

It's all very exciting! As you can
imagine, this book is the result
of years of effort. You won't need
to have your astrology chart in hand
to read and understand this book,
because there is a chart included,
so you can look up the Nodes and
descriptions for yourself, your family,
friends, or clients.

Here's Amazon's review:

Professional astrologer and Jungian psychotherapist, Elizabeth Spring, weaves personal stories with the astrological wisdom of the North and South Nodes. There are detailed explanations of how to find and understand your own karmic Nodes as well as the life-changing transits that impact your life direction, soul purpose, career and relationships.

Elizabeth?s heart-felt chapter on the "Astrology of Menopause" has been re-published around the world, and the humorous chapter "Cocktails and Karma" explores the bridging between astrologers, ministers, and therapists. The ?Family Karmic Inheritance? inspires a compassionate view on family relationships.

Endorsed by Jungian author Jim Hollis, and evolutionary astrologer, Steven Forrest, this book is a reference book as well as a collection of articles that shed light on unconscious motivation. An inspiring guide for transmuting the grace and grit of life into the gold of healing and personal success.

Till later then~ elizabeth

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