Workshop on Neptune--Boston Jung Institute, March 13th

Workshop on Neptune--Boston Jung Institute, March 13th

"Neptune: Planetary Archetype of Mirage, Mysticism, and Madness"

When Jung wrote to Bill W. about ?Spiritus Contra Spiritum? he was writing, in part, about the archetype of Neptune. Oceanic Neptune reflects the yearning for Spirit, inspires great art and the religious impulse, but is also filled with the flotsam and jetsam of illusion and discontent. Neptune touches all of our lives and can be uniquely understood by its placement in our astrological birth chart. In this workshop you?ll gain a deeper understanding of how this illusory planet operates in your life, as well as in the life and chart of Carl Jung. We?ll also explore what other planetary archetypes are obscuring or influencing the expression of Neptune in your particular chart. When registering, please include your birth day, place, year, and time if you have it (not essential.) Each participant will receive their birth chart and previous knowledge of astrology not required, although recommended books are: Steven Forrest?s book ?The Inner Sky? and Elizabeth?s book: ?North Node Astrology: Rediscovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose.? Both are available on

Elizabeth Spring, MA, is an astrologer, writer, and therapist in private practice in Wickford, Rhode Island. Her astrology could best be described as ?archetypal astrology? in that she specializes in exploring the hidden dynamics and symbolic meanings of the planetary archetypes. She is the author of ?North Node Astrology; Rediscovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose.? Her second book, not yet published, is ?Astrological Neptune: A Jungian-Buddhist 'Re-memebering? of Your Compassionate Self.?

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