Sun in Scorpio People: The Transformers - Part One

Sun in Scorpio People: The Transformers - Part One

Libra?s time in the spotlight has come to a close and we now move on to a Sun sign that, ironically, often has a difficult time adjusting to the intense exposure of the spotlight. From October 23 to November 21, the Sun is in the sign of Scorpio. Ah, Scorpio. I?m sure the name already conjures up many archetypal images in your mind. Even people who don?t know much about astrology are familiar with the fearsome and eroticized reputation of Scorpio. It?s a sign that never fails to fascinate. On this blog, my most read posts are the ones involving Scorpio placements or planetary aspects with its ruling sign, Pluto.
Drake: Scorpio Sun/Cancer Moon
This Sun sign series of mine is meant to deconstruct the age-old myths and stereotypes of all twelve Sun signs, giving people a more nuanced portrait of each. And I don?t exactly believe in the image of Scorpio Sun people being human weapons of mass destruction. They aren?t these incredibly dark, twisted people that you should be terrified of. In fact, in my experience, I?ve come to realize that Sun in Scorpio folks are actually the lightest Scorpio people you?ll meet, even if they have other Scorpio placements like Venus or Mars. I think that the dark energy of a Moon in Scorpio person is much heavier (unless the Sun is also in Scorpio; then it?ll bring some levity and release). This is because our Moon is a subconscious energy, dealing with those inner depths and emotions and moods that we can?t control. But, the Sun is an expression of pure consciousness and will. It?s how we channel our Light.

So, yes, a Scorpio Sun is really not all that dark. And if you have this placement and you?re reading this, you might feel a slight resentment toward me for giving your major secret away. I think a Scorpio Sun wants you to be scared of them, in a way. The Sun sign is the identity that we carve out for ourselves. So, those with this Sun sign tend to revel in the wicked images that their sign is described in. You might often hear a Scorpio who?s into astrology bragging about being ?evil? or a total sex fiend or telling you that they?ll ruin your life if you cross them. Now, I?m not saying that they?re not connected to their dark side. That would be a lie, as that?s what Scorpio is about. But, they?re also not that overwhelmed by it like, again, a Scorpio Moon is, who?s expresses that energy so instinctively. Scorpio Sun can be mean and vengeful but, when evolved, they know how to curb these traits more easily.

They won?t let you know that, though. Many of them will just keep dropping hints at their so-called evil ways so there?s no chance of you messing with them. The truth is that they know how deeply it will hurt if you do. Scorpio is one of the Water signs and intensely sensitive and emotionally charged because of it, especially as it?s represented by the Fixed quality. They feel everything so strongly that, if you hurt them in any way, it?s truly devastating. And a hurt, brokenhearted Scorpio Sun is liable to veer toward their dark side, as they want you to feel the pain that you?ve caused them. So, many of them feel that it?s good to intimidate or scare people off, as a sort of pre-emptive streak. That way, there?s no chance of them being hurt.

It goes without saying that this is a sign that?s very complex. These are people who are very intense. But, what a Scorpio Sun happens to be intense about will define their personal development. They like to delve deeply into things. However, you can sometimes run across the Scorpio individual who?s delved a bit too deeply into something that?s just not good for them or others. Charles Manson is the prime example. He is the definition of a truly terrifying Scorpio, responsible for the thorough brain-washing of his cult followers, who then committed themselves to killing numerous people, including actress Sharon Tate. Manson was deeply devoted to, well, being a psychopath and, even in his interviews while being imprisoned for his crimes, showed an unwavering intensity in his dedication to his beliefs. In his mind, he was a true spiritual disciple who?s mission was to kill these innocent people.

But, let?s be fair. There are psychopaths of every Sun sign and most Scorpio people, even the emotionally unhealthy ones, aren?t going to go as far as the murderous actions of Manson. I can think of way more Scorpio Sun folks who embody their sign?s intensity in really positively powerful ways. Think of Leonardo DiCaprio and how much time and effort he commits to his environmental activism, when not starring in films. Same thing goes for actress Gabrielle Union who was raped when she was a teenager and now devotes an incredible amount of energy into helping rape victims and raising awareness for the cause. And there?s also Matthew McConaughey, who is so passionate about his personal philosophies that he not only started a campaign for it, called Just Keep Living, but fervently uses his interviews and award acceptance speeches to try and enlighten people?s minds.

Emma Stone: Scorpio Sun/Libra Moon
This is the true purpose of Scorpio Sun individuals: to transform. They can destroy or they can create. If they are positively owning their personal power, which is tremendous, then they will use it to facilitate huge change and awareness in their world. Their influence can be quite subtle but it?s also incredible, allowing them to sway people with their thorough conviction and deeply felt passion. It also gives them enormous presence, which is why it?s no wonder why so many highly magnetic screen stars are/were Scorpios, including Joaquin Phoenix, Julia Roberts, Jodie Foster, Vivien Leigh, and Richard Burton. There?s an intense energy about them that just sucks people in and makes them perfect for the screen, where they can so say much with so little.

The thing about being a Scorpio, though, is that this power often comes with a cost. It?s a rite of passage for Scorpio Sun individuals to go through an early life that?s beset, in some way or form, with overwhelming challenges and hardships, especially of the emotional kind. The myth surrounding this sign is of Hades, ruler of the Underworld, who abruptly grabs innocent Persephone from her peaceful life, above ground, and drags her down to Hell. There?s a distinct phase in a Scorpio?s life where, male or female, they feel like Persephone. Some incredible force has abducted them and is holding them captive in the Underworld, with horrors they never imagined before.

These experiences can involve death in some way, often the horrible, unexpected death of a family member or close friend. This is an experience that will impact Scorpio much harder than most other signs, as they feel everything so deeply. It can also involve abuse of some kind (physical or emotional or sexual), some sort of dire circumstance where they have to fight for survival, or an addiction that completely consumes them. But, this trip to the Underworld might not even involve such blatant horrors and may be a case of the Scorpio being exposed to the threatening undercurrents of human relationships, such as a parental figure who devours them with subtle manipulation and cold, controlling behaviors.  

Our Sun sign represents our relationship with our paternal figure, meaning the parent who influenced us in active, yang-fueled ways, growing up. For the Scorpio Sun person, this relationship usually involves any of the aforementioned dynamics. It?s typical for people with this Sun sign to have a father or father-figure who passes away when they?re children. But, the father-figure might just be figuratively dead to them, as well, while growing up, meaning that he or she just not in the picture at all. And though many people grow up with this situation, a Scorpio can respond to it with much more powerful feelings of rage and resentment. For many with this Sun sign, there?s an acute sense of abandonment or neglect around the paternal parent that needs to be worked out. These feelings can be the source of some abuse or dishonesty on the parent?s part, as well.

For others, the father-figure can be in the picture and a relatively fine person but a very complicated relationship ensues. The Sun sign isn?t exactly the personality of our paternal figure, but how our personality develops because of our relationship to him or her. For a Scorpio Sun, they charge this relationship with great intensity. The father might be innocently inquisitive of their child, but the Scorpio can take this kind of digging very personally. A hesitant rapport might form, with the child only revealing what they wish for the father-figure to know, often out of fear of being judged or controlled in some way. There can be a deep sense of loyalty to their paternal parent yet also a distinct love-hate feeling. More than most kids, they probably love this parent as much as they want to kill them.

Growing into their Sun sign, for Scorpio, becomes an issue of learning to transcend anything that?s toxic or poisonous in their behavior. All of that resentment, as well as the deep pain that they?re holding on to, needs to be worked through and let go of. At a lower level, the Scorpio Sun is the Scorpion, poisoning other people because they deal with life in such a defensive manner. But, at a higher level, the Scorpio Sun transforms into the Eagle, soaring through the clouds with freedom and power. This is the only sign that has two astrological mascots, which is another reason why they?re the transformer. You have to change yourself before you can change the world and this defines the Scorpio?s outlook and life path more than most. 

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