Sun in Scorpio People: The Transformers - Part Two

Sun in Scorpio People: The Transformers - Part Two

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The Sun defines the way in which we live and define ourselves. So, a Scorpio Sun?s life is greatly defined by distinct transformation. It?s very common for them to profess that they were not the same person that they were at another phase in their life. It?s as if they live multiple lives. The end of Persephone?s myth, after she is pulled down into Hell, is one of personal growth and empowerment. She?s goes from an innocent little Maiden to Queen of the Underworld, now capable of withstanding all of the horrors and miseries that she?s experienced there. This is the life path of a Scorpio. They usually live a certain part of their lives like Persephone: pure and naïve and unsuspecting. But, by walking through the Underworld, they emerge much wiser and stronger. There?s an intense knowingness to a Scorpio that makes them seem like they understand it all, from the lightest to the darkest.

Ryan Gosling: Scorpio Sun/Capricorn Moon
Maybe this is why many Scorpio people tend to not come off as so dark because they know that darkness and don?t really want to stay there. The Sun is an action-oriented planet, so Scorpio Sun wants to do something proactive about the darkness. This is what leads them to counseling and empowering others. Persephone becomes a guide for everyone who?s newly initiated into the Underworld and Scorpio lives out this archetype by being able to help people through their darkest hours, knowing that the dawn is right around the corner. Few people will understand your troubles like these folks can, especially with their laser-like intuitive skills. They can read everyone like a book, picking up on people?s true motives and feelings and thoughts, even if the person doesn?t recognize it in themselves.

But, this only comes from having a thorough understanding of their own psychological nooks and crannies. Scorpio Sun might spend a certain part of their lives running from such deep introspection, but they?ll soon regret it. This is their life purpose: to understand their dark material so they can work with it. They don?t really have a choice. Persephone was fated into an agreement where she would spend six months of a year above ground, dwelling in the light, and the other six months back in the Underworld, married to its King, Hades, and dwelling in the darkness. So is the case for Scorpio. They can live in the light but they must never forget their darkness. It?s the fertile soil to their own personal development.

This tends to be one of the most highly creative and artistic signs, because of this inner depth. I?ve found, however, that Scorpio Sun artists like to, appropriately, stay more underground. While a Leo Sun artist is naturally going to gravitate toward the worldwide spotlight, Scorpio is simply happy to be creative in private or on a less global stage. There are many Scorpio folks in Hollywood, sure, but it?s not as overwhelming of a pattern as Leo or Pisces. Just so long as Scorpio has an outlet for those feelings, such as drawing or poetry or acting, then they?re fulfilling themselves. This sign has the power to go to the rawest depths of the human experience. In fact, Scorpio Sun?s creative output can be a bit ?scary? to some, like the grotesque images of Picasso?s artwork or the sheer intensity of Sylvia Plath?s poetry, filled with talk of death and violence. But, this is a healthy outlet for these folks and something that can prevent them from really going under in their personal lives.

I say that Scorpio Sun is significantly lighter, but sometimes they just have a way of coming off as so. It?s always hard to tell with a Scorpio, as they?re so good at concealing themselves with layer after layer that even they?re often confused by their personal complexity. There?s really no such thing as an ?average? Scorpio, as I?ve noticed that they tend to come off quite differently. The intensity is there and you can feel its focus on you. But, the presentation sometimes dramatically contrasts with that energy. You can wonder why that person who?s seemingly so outgoing and cheerful gives you this unsettling feeling whenever they?re looking you in the eye. The core characteristic of all Scorpios is this aura of mystery. And they don?t have to come off as stereotypically ?mysterious? ? all quiet and brooding and unwilling to talk about themselves ? to be mysterious. It?s just in their complexity. 
Vivien Leigh: Scorpio Sun/Aquarius Moon

Basically, these are folks who know how to leave you wanting more. If you?re well-acquainted with a Scorpio Sun, then stop and think, for a moment. Do you know as much about them as you think you do? The answer might be no. That is, unless they seriously trust you. Scorpios are like Cancers in that they definitely have a trusted ?inner circle?. But, while Cancer Sun sees this inner circle as a family, Scorpio Sun sees this inner circle more so as a Mafia mob. There is a ferocious sense of loyalty that?s usually undying (unless you really screw up) and no secrets are shared outside of this trusted circle. The worst thing you can do to a Scorpio is share their secrets, which is why they?re usually cautious about who they tell these secrets to. Most of them hate indiscreet gossipers and if you are one, you probably won?t last long with them at all. 

But, then again, there are certain things that not even their closest friends may know about them. While others might find that odd, most Scorpio Sun folks just don?t see a need to tell everyone everything. They cherish their secrets because, well, the Sun is who you are. So, for a Scorpio, they are their secrets. And if they gave everything away, what would they have left? Sometimes, these secrets are surprising, like the fact that your Scorpio friend once suffered a nervous breakdown or had a drinking problem that they kept well-hidden. Other times, these secrets might be more esoteric in nature, like their private thoughts and yearnings and insights. It would be very difficult to find a Scorpio with no filter. Even the really talkative ones always know what they?re saying and can control it. The thing is that, sometimes, Scorpio is keeping secrets about you from you. They observe so much about people, but they have a wise awareness that they don?t need to share everything they observe. Not everyone can handle that kind of raw, ugly truth and an evolved Scorpio will have learned that, sometimes, they need to just keep their sharp perceptions about others to themselves.

Now, we get to everyone?s favorite part about Scorpio: sexuality. Is this the sexiest sign in astrology? Well, I think that?s inaccurate because there are really sexy people of every Sun sign, of course. And not all Scorpios are human sex-bombs that give you the uncontrollable urge to take off your clothes. But, the ones who are genuinely sexy have an amazing animal magnetism that just exudes from them in waves. It?s all about the relationship that a Scorpio has with their sexuality. There are many with this Sun sign who are more so growing into feeling comfortable with this side of themselves. Many people, of every sign, grow up internalizing a sense of shame about sex, due to our culture?s unfortunate demonization of sexuality. For Scorpio, this sense of shame can run much deeper than average, driving them to either avoid sex altogether or flaunt their sexuality too desperately, due to a lack of real sexual confidence. Truth be told, the Scorpios who are the true beasts in bed don?t have to brag about their prowess or even say a word about it. You just look in their eyes and you know.

Part of Scorpio?s innate connection with sex has to do with its two ruling planets: traditional ruler Mars, the planet of sex drive, and modern ruler Pluto, which rules the exploration and transformation of taboos, which sex has been for too long in society. It?s a highly potent energy that needs to find regular release but it also shouldn?t become too much of an obsession. A Scorpio who is over-sexed or under-sexed is not handling this energy in a balanced way. The truth is that they are so sexual because they?re so intense and passionate, which is an energy that finds a regular outlet through sex. But, it?s also something that can be directed toward other avenues, which can guarantee them success. When it is channeled properly into the bedroom, though, it can be magical. A Scorpio with a proper handle on their sexual energy is capable of blowing your mind and, again, leaving you coming back for more.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aries: You?re a fighter of the first order, who lives life with a keen battle plan and a fierce sense of determination. But, remember that you can?t always get what you want because you can become a bit blood thirsty when you don?t. You need to keep finding appropriate outlets for that aggression and intensity.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus: There?s never any question in your mind, once you?ve set some sort of goal. Your combination of sharp survival instincts and patient strength of will allows you to almost always get it. You can be incredibly possessive with loved ones, but it?s only because you love with such depth and unwavering loyalty.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Gemini: You?re extremely quick and perceptive, with a resourceful way of handling situations. You?re so shrewd and clever that you can be shamelessly manipulative, if not careful. Your sharp wit can give literal definition to ?painfully funny?, as you observe everything around you in a satirical, sarcastic manner.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Cancer: Though you?re one of the most tender-hearted of the bunch, you often excel at hiding this side of yourself. That is, until the ferocious guard drops and the tears start falling. Your life is defined by your depth of your feelings, which leads you to care tremendously for others but also be too protective, at times.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Leo: Passion is your middle name and you live to make the most out of every single moment that you have, while you?re still alive. You have an enormous presence that others just can?t help but respond to. A lot of people will fall madly in love with you, but don?t let yourself get too drunk on that power.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Virgo: You?re all about getting to the bottom of things and you?re blessed with incredible powers of analysis and perception. People who underestimate your formidable brain will be in for a rude awakening. You?re an excellent counselor to others, always giving perceptive advice, but be wary of judging too hard, at times.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Libra: Merging with another individual is extremely important to you, as you live for finding that deep connection with a soul-mate. Just don?t become a true serial dater, sucking the life out of partners and then ruthlessly moving on. But, your charms are exquisite, as you can cast a virtual spell on anyone at will.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio: You might just be the most complex of the group, which is definitely saying something. You?re like a bottomless pit, with so many emotional layers that even you struggle to uncover. If you remain empowered by your depths and don?t get trapped within them, you?re capable of exceptional things.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Sagittarius: Your honesty can be especially brutal but you see no point in wasting time tiptoeing around subjects. You never hesitate to cut right through the pretense, which is the source of your power as well as your humor. You have an uncanny knack for finding the humor in the worst of situations.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Capricorn: Keeping your energies in reserve until they can be used constructively is what you?re all about, which can allow you to achieve a great deal. There?s a deeply melancholy side to you, obsessed with the weight of the world, but that also gives you an air of hard-earned wisdom from an early age.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius: A radical independence of mind characterizes you, as you have no trouble at all standing alone in your beliefs and convictions. Your ideas can be strikingly unconventional or extreme but usually come from a genuine passion for bringing about change. You relish challenging whatever status quo you face.

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces: Few people have the ability to not judge people as you do, as you can empathize with and understand even the darkest of souls. You might spend too much of your life trapped under a cloud of suffering of your own making, but this acute awareness of suffering gives you the power of an amazing healer.

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