Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio

Turn-Ons: mystery, intrigue, emotional depth

Turn-Offs: indiscretion, lack of passion, weakness of character

Sexiest trait: hidden intensity

The personal style of a Scorpio Venus female or male will be extreme, in some way. They may be either totally obsessed with their style or not invest any energy at all in their dress code. But, there's usually little in-between. Sometimes, though, they can swing from totally caring to totally not caring about their clothes on a regular basis. Still, even the ones who obsess over their appearance are doing so to express themselves in a very deep way. They love to dramatically transform their look, often with radical new haircuts or a completely different wardrobe. It's typical of them to toss almost everything out in their closet and start all over. Most Scorpio Venus people have a real sexual allure about them that effects whatever they wear. They can make even a simple t-shirt and jeans look seriously hot and sexy.

This magnetism isn't lost on most people. Venus in Scorpio men and women are typically very sexually attractive. They have a tendency to keep a lot of their would-be lovers at arm's length initially, which tends to only make them want them more. Scorpio Venus can be guilty of being too hard to get at times, as well as employing other devious ploys to control or manipulate. But, their passion is what keeps people inevitably hooked and things can get very, very hot and heavy in the bedroom with them. Those with this position needs things really intense and intimate, even in their friendships. They regularly test others to see who can handle the heat. Those who don't run from the intensity, as well as pose something of a mystery to unravel for them, will win them over.

Famous Females: Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone, Ava Gardner
Famous Males: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, Ralph Fiennes

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