Taking it up an Octave (the personal planets)

Taking it up an Octave (the personal planets)

photo by Patricia Herlevi
A Musical Analogy to the Planets

I had no idea what I would blog about this week, then an astrologer, Tai, on the Linked In group Soul Astrology referred to the nodes as a "higher octave".  The concept of describing the lower and higher octaves of each planet popped into my thoughts. Even though many people scoff at astrology and don't believe that the planets have any power over their lives, they don't realize that they either resonate with the planets at a lower or higher octave.

When we resonate at a higher octave with the Sun we feel centered, selfish in a good way, and we feel bright, warm, charming, and attractive (in the sense that we manifest our desires in our lives).  When it comes to creative pursuits, we are at the top of our game and might even feel like we're on a winning streak. We might even feel like we're just floating through life, getting along with everyone and we feel an abundance of joy.

When we resonate at a lower octave with the Sun we feel burned out, exhausted, or suffer from hot flashes, night sweats or fevers.  We feel itchy and our hearts ache.  Creativity suffers and we tend to attract only darker experiences, not our true desires.  Self-confidence is at an all-time low and we might become too self-reflective in an egotistical manner.  We demand, control, manipulate and harm others so that we can feel at the center of the universe and we claim false power while dominating others.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Get back into alignment with the higher octave through meditation and visualizing a sun in the solar plexus growing and light in the heart chakra filled with love.  Do something playful or play with toys or children.  Try drawing, singing, dancing, or working with clay.  Also sitting in the sun or taking additional vitamin D could prove helpful in bringing you back to the higher octave.

When we are in the higher octave for the Moon, we reflect secure feelings, self-confidence and a knowing-ness or inner wisdom back to the world.  We give and receive equally well, nurture ourselves first then others.  We are in touch with our feminine side, are able to interpret our dreams and the dreams of others and feel that the light is aglow in moonlight.  Our intuition is at an all-time high.

When we resonate with the Moon at a lower octave, we seem childish, petty, moody, and overly emotional or closed off.  We don't practice self-love or trust our inner wisdom and we reflect our darkness onto others.  Repressed emotions turn into depression and we cry a lot or just shut ourselves away from the world.

Again, meditation can bring the moon back into balance.  Work with moonstones, hang out near a body of water or moon gaze.  Take time out to nurture and nourish yourself and then keep a dream journal.  Also listen to soothing music at this time and get enough sleep, as well as, drink plenty of water and take baths in sea salt.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
When we resonate with Mercury at a higher octave, our communication is clear and well-articulated.  We're able to disseminate complex information in a manner which everyone can understand and we are to the point.  Our brains function smoothly and we grasps new concepts and ideas quickly. Everything seems interesting or fascinating to us.

When we resonate with Mercury at a lower octave, our communication is muddy and self-serving.  We distort information and we are no longer clear channels of information as if we have been shut off from the gods.  It feels like a trickster is at work, but the biggest trick is on ourselves.  Could also be too much gossip and pettiness.

Journaling helps to get Mercury back on track.  If Mercury resonates at a lower octave its because our thinking has grown too cloudy from emotions so journaling helps to clear that.  Also cognitive therapy could prove beneficial to get Mercury back on track.

When we resonate in the higher octave of Venus, we see beauty everywhere. We practice diplomacy and strive for peace and harmony.  We flirt not just with other humans, but all nature.  We host parties, cook for our family and friends, and enjoy participating with fine and performing arts.  We might tend to the garden or learn how to create aromatherapy products.  Our senses feel alive and all is well on the planet.

When we resonate at the lower octave of Venus, we seem petty and spend too much time gossiping or competing with others in a beauty contest manner.  Diplomatic skills disappear and we transform into Kali-like warriors leaving a string of broken hearts and fragile souls in our wake. We worry about aging or losing our looks, not realizing that true beauty comes from the inside out.  We go on shopping sprees for things we don't need and feel emptier as we empty out our bank accounts or we overindulge in sweets and gain weight.

Spend time in nature to balance Venus energy.  Go for a hike or a long walk in a natural setting, feel the sensations of the breeze in your hair and on your skin.  Smell the wild flowers and listen to the birds singing.  Hang out with a pet and see the world through their eyes.  Then take a long bath in aromatherapy oils or get a massage.  Feel your feet on the ground.  Gardening helps too.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
When we resonate with a higher octave of Mars, we exude energy and drive, knowing that we can conquer any task that awaits us.  We set goals and reach them easily and effortlessly.  Our male side is in balance with our female side. We engage in healthy physical activity and experience a healthy sex drive.  We feel enthusiastic and our solar plexus feels unblocked.

When we resonate at a lower octave of Mars we act like tyrants or throw tantrums.  We seem petty and overly competitive with our egos running the show.  Friends, family and colleagues run in the other direction or go to war with us.  Mars causes us to come across as hotheaded and impetuous if not just childish.

Go for a run or a brisk walk to get Mars back in balance.  Spend time ventilating either in a journal or by punching a pillow. Dance to drums or get involved with a sport that you can do alone.  Once you work off the energy, meditate and get your ego back in balance.  Practice acts of kindness and develop greater compassion.

I will cover the transpersonal and outer planets in subsequent posts.

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