The nuclear pantomime, starring IAEA and Mullahs

The nuclear pantomime, starring IAEA and Mullahs

Why don't the mullahs just get out of the real world and shut up? Who cares about them and their fat egos? Let them waste all the money of Iran. They have 6 million basij who will believe them and commit suicide.

In the meantime, the IAEA will use this situation to increase the controls it has. You will see other countries being allowed to join the NPT, who will accept the new tighter controls. And of course the mullahs will not accept the new tighter controls. India, Pakistan, Israel and also the new nuclear wannbees, like South Africa and Brazil will comply. Maybe even North Korea will join. But who won't? The Islamists in Iran. They won't.

No one likes the mullahs. The Non-Aligned Movement gave the mullahs a new proposal, and the mullahs rejected it. So their only possible supporters are gone. And do they really care? No. They just want to make a show for all the youth in Iran, to keep them distracted from the real economic woes that are seriously effecting Iran.

Time is against the mullahs. Economic reality is their biggest enemy from within, and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

Iran's Islamists beligerence means more intense monitoring for bigger nuclear club

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