Ukraine protests intensify as Yanukovych refuses to sign EU deal.

Ukraine protests intensify as Yanukovych refuses to sign EU deal.

Ukraine protests

European Union supporters and demonstrators against the government of Viktor Yanukovych protested in freezing temperatures in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital against his refusal to sign a deal with the European Union to get closer ties with the West. Many think that he is being heavily leant upon by Vladimir Putin and Russia to the north, however jailed former leader Yulia Tymoshenko  who is on hunger strike from her prison cell through her daughter Eugenia called for the people to rise up and not let the government take away the hope that one day Ukraine could join the wider European family. Vitaly Klitschko the leader of the opposition UDAR party has also called for protests and pressure is rising on Yanukovych to act to quell the dissent.

Ukraine(1991) transits

The 1991 Ukrainian independence chart quite clearly shows the tensions rising in Kiev. This chart has a conservative Capricorn Ascendant and a Scorpio Midheaven, and the rulers of those two planets, natal Pluto and transiting Saturn are locked in a conjunction in the 9th house of overseas affairs. Pluto is the planet of transformation, something that will eventually happen to Ukraine, but Saturn ruling the administration of the country is laying down the law saying no change and no new foreign deals are necessary.

This is a battle of wills going on, and the current Uranus Pluto square is focused on the hidden away 12th house Uranus. It is truly ironic that the call for change is coming in the main from the revolutionary (Uranus) leader Tymoshenko sitting in a prison cell. Of course if you know your Astrology you will know that the 12th house is the house of confinement, solitude and prisons. Uranus square to Uranus is unpredictable and independent and as Aquarius ruled by Uranus sits intercepted in the Ukrainian 1st house, this need for freedom from the old order in inherent within the psyche of the country is being called for, but Pluto representing the government (Scorpio Midheaven) sitting on Uranus is steadfastly blocking it. If you look at the 4th house of the opposition, you will see the sign Taurus ruled by the planet Venus, and transiting Venus is hitting the Ukrainian Ascendant. This represents a female influence which is now raising her voice again.

The position of the planets with Saturn on Pluto and Pluto on on Uranus indicate to me that the current leader will get his way (for now) and this protest will be just that, a protest. If anything significant is going to happen in the future, then I think that it will be later in 2015 and 2016 when transiting Uranus gets to 16 and 17 degrees Aries. At that time, it will make a disruptive square to the Ukrainian Moon (representing the general population) and even more crucially I think an inconjunct aspect to that transformational Pluto in the Ukraine 9th house, a position that will need a transit of Uranus? revolutionary strength and the disruption and enforced change that only a inconjunct aspect can bring. This will also be a time when transiting Pluto hits the Ukraine North Node, signalling I think a transformation in the whole destiny of the nation.     

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