Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces

Turn-Ons: imagination, creativity, sympathy

Turn-Offs: cruelty, the mundane, narrow-mindedness

Sexiest trait: the soul of an artist

Venus in Pisces is a true chameleon when it comes to their fashion. They don't really have a specific sense of style of their own. They're more like blank canvases that can have any look slapped on to them and it'll fit like a glove. In fact, a new haircut or way of dressing can actually make them look so different that they come off like another person. There are virtually no boundaries as far as what they'll wear. They love transcending limitations and readily rock something "out of character." To Venus in Pisces men and women, this is the whole purpose of fashion.

Those with this placement can be seen a wide variety of ways. All different sorts of people will find them attractive, as Pisces Venus knows how to mold him or herself to appeal to just about anyone. Their attractiveness, therefore, can be boundless. But, this may also be the source of deceit and disillusion in their relationships, if they're not self-aware enough. They have lots of compassion for others but need to learn to not be too indulgent or passive with friends or partners. Although they usually don't have a clear-cut type, sympathetic and creative souls are most attractive to them.

Famous Females: Kerry Washington, Drew Barrymore, Michelle Obama
Famous Males: Hugh Hefner, Benicio del Toro, Heath Ledger

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