Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo

Turn-Ons: flattery, passion, enthusiasm

Turn-Offs: dullness, insecurity, inability to hold one's own

Sexiest trait: self-confidence

Standing out from the crowd matters enormously to Venus in Leo people and their personal style will emphasize this. They will do just a flourish of something extra special to their hair or their clothes to express their individuality. In fact, their hair can be a particular point of pride and focus. They may become both flattered and annoyed when their fashion choices are copied by others. Leo Venus doesn't want to look like everyone else but will still totally enjoy being seen as a trendsetter and influence. They have tons of self-assurance at their disposal, even though they tend to need a lot of feedback on how they look, and can rock anything and made it look attractive and bold.

This fabulous aura most Venus in Leo people love to cultivate gets them a lot of attention. If they go overboard, they can turn some off by being loud, spotlight-thirsty divas (yes, the men with this placement, too). But, positively, they will be seen as fun-loving, warm-hearted people; the real life of the party. Leo Venus loves the high of a new relationship, when they can really inject passion and joy into someone's life and vice versa. Yet, they can also become hooked on drama. These folks need someone equally spirited and confident to reel them in.

Famous Males: T.I., Tobey Maguire, Tom Cruise
Famous Females: Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna, Salma Hayek 

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