White House silent on Iran time table

White House silent on Iran time table

More time, means the US can work with the Opposition groups and the General Strike, as and when it becomes effective. In the mean time keeping a united front from France to China is very important. Meanwhile the oil price is falling, raising tech stocks, and lowering interest rates. But more importantly giving less money to Islamist Fascists.

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- If Sanctions On Islamists In Iran Then Hezbollah Will Fire Rockets
The proxies are ready to act. I am sure they have new weapons from the Chinese, that can go even deeper into Israel. When will the world learn, that the Islamist Fascists are not going to give up on their ideology. And they are using the secular Iranians'...

- Hirsh Wants Bush To Talk To Islamist Fascists In Iran
So let's say that Bush, like the Pope decides to bend completely backwards. I bet you, that he will get snubbed, just like the Pope, by the Islamist Fascists in Pakistan and Iran. And then to think that the Islamist Fascists are to Bush, as the Chinese...

- Islamist Zealot Of Iran Does Not Accept The Pope's Apology
It just goes to prove what kind of madmen we have running Iran. Meanwhile Chirac wants to preserve the French trade interests with the Islamist Fascists, and does not even mind breaking the western unity over Islamist nukes in Iran.read more | digg...

- Islamist Fascists In Iran Copy Chinese Rockets
I have always blamed the Chinese for buying all the oil and supplying all the nulcear know how and the weapons to the Islamist Fascists in Iran. Can someone help the people of Iran, who are not Islamist fanatics and are not mad like Ahmadinejad.read more | digg...

- China Helping Islamist In Iran's To Break Up Un And Buy Time
For so long the Iranian opposition groups have pointed the finger at China as the staunchest supporter of the Islamists in Iran. All the missiles and the oil money are traded with China. China wants to interfere within the Middle East. It wants to have...