Blocking Oil Supply is a Bigger Threat than Nuclear Power.

Blocking Oil Supply is a Bigger Threat than Nuclear Power.

Again Khatami refers to the ability to block The Straits of Hormuz as a bigger threat, than any potential nuclear strike. And the world really cannot do much about it. But in the past, when Iran was not a potential nuclear threat, people like Mossadegh tried to stop deliveries of oil, and all that happened was that the price of oil rose, and more inaccessible resevoirs of oil outside Persian Gulf area became viable. A classic example, is the development of North Sea oil fields after the 1979 Islamic-fascist uprising in Iran, and the death of HIM Shahanshah Aryamehr, resulting in the situation we have had for 26 years. Now the world wants to deliver more oil to India and especially China, and they want to do it from other deeper wells outside Persian Gulf. So why not have the same scenario once again. History seems to repeat itself, but not exactly.

Iran President Implies US Policy A Threat To Oil Supply

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