Here's to Your Health--Saturn Transits Libra through Pisces

Here's to Your Health--Saturn Transits Libra through Pisces

As promised, here is part 2 of my post on Saturn Transits and health concerns.  For this post we begin with Libra and end with Pisces, representing the second half of the Zodiac Wheel.  You will also notice that they symptoms seem familiar since Saturn now transits in this sector of the wheel.

Libra--If we gaze back 2 to 5 years ago, we might notice that we experienced problems with the kidneys, bladder, ears (hearing) or even eye problems.  Saturn transited in Libra from October 29,  2009 until October 5, 2012 and we would have experienced problems with balance such as regaining balance in some area of our body.  It was also a time to get hearing and sight checked although sight falls under Aries (Libra's polar opposite).  Also watch sugar intake since Libra also represents the pancreas and too much sugar leads to obesity, diabetes and kidney problems.  Candida is also a culprit at this time.

Scorpio--I spoke about this transit in particular at the beginning of part 1 for Saturn Transits and health.  The Saturn in Scorpio transit ends on December 24, 2014, but Saturn returns to 28 to 29 degrees Scorpio the summer of 2015, which means we revisit health issues we don't take care of at that time.  Check for lead in the bloodstream (such as lead poisoning), any blood deficiencies, blood in the colon, inflammation in the colon, and problems related to sexual organs.  Also if you have been promiscuous during the Saturn in Scorpio transit, get checked for venereal disease and AIDS.  This is not a judgement but a reality that could occur during this transit.  Scorpio harbors secrets, but this transit can also make us fearful and paranoid about our health.  So instead of worrying, just get the necessary tests and then the necessary treatment if the tests come back positive.

I also hear that radiation could cause some health problems now.  Limit your exposure to electrical magnetic fields and radiation sources. Do you really need to microwaves your food? How long must you speak on a cell phone strapped to your head/ear? Could you use a speaker phone instead?  Saturn gives us the caution warning, but let's not get paranoid, just practical.

Sagittarius--When Saturn rolls into Jupiter's Sign, we feel a black cloud suffocating our desires for freedom.  Saturn brings discipline in the area of taking better care of our body weight and liver.  This does suggest curbing the alcoholic beverages, fatty and sugary foods.  Did you know that (according to the documentary "Fed Up") that the liver processes sugar and if we eat too much sugar (over 25 milligrams a day), the liver converts sugars into fat thus the obesity problem?  Remember that alcohol also has sugar and this too converts to fat.  So cut back on the booze, sugar and bad fats and keep your liver in tip top shape. Otherwise, you're going to see this in your thighs (also ruled by Sagittarius) and other parts of the body.

Get more athletic during this time.  Go hiking, biking, walking, or join a sports team.  Get outdoors.  Exercise builds bones (Saturn rules bones) and exercise also counters depression by increasing serotonin levels in the brain.  Spirits dampen when Saturn is in Sagittarius so exercise counteracts any depression that results.

Saturn in Capricorn--This transits calls our attention to bones, skin, and other connective tissue.  We could feel a lack of flexibility in our joints even arthritis during this Saturn transit, as well as, problems with the spine such as curvature or osteoporosis.  If the transit causes depression there could be autoimmune problems with skin or acne (if repressed anger also accompanies the depression).  We could also experience a decline in calcium and vitamin D in our body which we boost with foods and supplements.  Make sure that we get plenty of omega oils (mostly from pure fish sources) to keep our joints and skin healthy.  And take good care of your teeth and gums since dental problems can result from poor dental care.

Since we have a double Saturn with the planet in his own sign, we must make sure we get plenty of exercise since this boost serotonin levels, helps us sleep better and keeps depression at bay.  Good exercise for Capricorn/Saturn involves hiking, walking, mountain climbing and yoga for starters. We don't really want to join any team sports at this time, but we could find a walking or biking partner to keep us motivated.

Saturn in Aquarius--We might feel like everything is literally getting on our nerves during this Saturn transit.  Aquarius rules the nervous system, brain functions and circulation (Leo the polarity) as well as, the ankles.  We feel extra charges running through our systems to the point of experiencing nervous exhaustion. Curbing restlessness by getting away from the computer and other high tech devices and taking a walk or hike in a natural setting do wonders.  Also drink plenty of water and take supplements such as passionflower and lavender to calm the nerves.

There is a tendency to overwork and a strong desire to be of service to the world such as with humanitarian efforts.  If we are not careful and we're doing too much mindless running around, we could sprain or break an ankle.  Watch where you're going during this time because sudden events and accidents could occur that short-circuit the body or cause physical harm in other ways.  The saying, "accidents can happen" apply with this Saturn transit or with squares or oppositions to a Natal Saturn Transit in Aquarius.

Saturn in Pisces--So now we end the Saturn Transit through the Zodiac with Pisces. I was born with my Natal Saturn in Pisces and I have suffered many foot problems.  Pisces rules the feet as well as the lymphatic glands. Wearing high heels and uncomfortable shoes is not recommended during this Saturn transit or for people born with Saturn in Pisces.  We also tend to suffer from blisters, toe problems and foot cramps.  Since Virgo is the polar opposite of Pisces, diet plays a role here too as does a healthy exercise routine.

Take better care of the feet with reflexology, foot massage, and aromatherapy for feet.  Stretch the feet out and wear proper footwear for employment and recreation.  Taking yoga or dance classes go well during this transit as does staying away from long stretches in front of a television or computer screen.  This is not a time we feel like joining team sports and we blend spirituality with exercise such as with yoga, Tai Chi, etc... It's also an excellent time to go on a retreat, de-tox from unhealthy habits and take stock of realities that face us.

If depression or other mental illnesses pose a problem, seek art, music or dance therapy with a qualified therapist.  Creativity unlocks sanity and newly discovered talents.  Stay clear of self-medicating unless you wish to deal with an addiction down the road.

So this ends my Saturn in Transit as related to health posts.  Remember to also read the description for your Natal Saturn since the transit information applies to that as well.  When you experience a Saturn Return the health effects and concerns double.  Pay special attention during the Saturn Return period (2 1/2 years).

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