Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra

Libra Moon constantly refines and modifies their emotions. It's their instinctive nature to not automatically react, but to weigh their responses to a situation based on how someone else is or might be feeling about it. Then, they will express their feelings in the most balanced manner. They can easily feel selfish, inconsiderate, or rude by expressing raw emotion, especially when their feelings might not be accepted by others. It's important for Moon in Libra to be as agreeable and palatable as possible, even when they might be disagreeing with someone else's views.

This sort of harmony is how those with this position instinctively make their way through life. Any sort of intensity or negativity is bound to throw them way off balance, as it disturbs the peace and cooperation that they need in order to thrive with others. Since getting along with people is so important, a Libra Moon male or female also operates in a way that is very other-based. This is why not having a significant other or someone else by their side to compliment them can be unsettling. They bounce so much off of other people's responses and actions that they can become very dependent.

Because of this, those with this position really thrive in the midst of intellectual discourses and exchanges. This can take the form of casual conversations or it can also be through debates of any sort. Just because they're polite doesn't mean that they can't argue. They can and quite well, yet they'll normally do it in a way that's light and cordial. Being surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere is important, so they are most at ease with a sense of beauty around them. Home decor is of the utmost importance and they have an instinctive understanding of feng shui.

In their own way, Moon in Libra women and men can be quite caring and sympathetic. They don't like to see other people upset and will do whatever they can to calm them down. However, they can be at a loss when things get too messy emotionally. They would rather analyze and rationalize problems away, instead of dealing with the irrationalities. Therefore, slowing backing away is their method when faced with someone too hysterical to listen to reason. Yet, they are concerned with other people's emotional needs and do try their best to please other people.

Parents with a Libra Moon will want to raise thoughtful, polite, and informed children. They will insist on their kids having good manners and playing nicely with others. A lot of time will be spent refining and culturing their offspring, as they'd hate for them to be seen as socially unacceptable in any way. However, single parenting isn't their forte, as they are too easily overwhelmed when a lot is on their plate. More than most people, they need a partner to hand the children off to, when things get too difficult or rough. Still, they will make gentle, considerate, and patient parents, who treat their children with the same consideration and respect as adults.

Famous Moon in Libra Souls: Tina Fey, Claire Danes, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Bradley Cooper, Lupita Nyong'o, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Stone 

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