Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo

Feelings are frequently analyzed and classified for Virgo Moon, to the point of sterility. Emotions often feel too raw and irrational for them, so they will do their best to keep them under control and in order. The emphasis here is on being logical and taking care of the matter at hand. Virgo Moon won't let their feelings cloud their judgments and can easily feel inefficient when they do so. They too often feel like there are emotions they "should" and "shouldn't" have which can result in them beating themselves up. But, they also have a knack for truly understanding their feelings, as well.

Routine is the way that a Virgo Moon woman or man flows through life. Those little practicalities that others see as dull and mundane are where these people intuitively operate best. Therefore, they are naturally skilled at handling all of the day to day necessities: the bills, the chores, the errands. It's when their perfect little lives are out of order that Moon in Virgo will feel especially out of whack. They like everything to be known and predictable. When placed in any sort of situation where they don't know what will happen, a certain anxiety and nervous energy kicks in strongly.

People with this position don't like variables and feel most comfortable with these practical securities in life. They are also totally at ease when immersed in a rhythm of productivity. Being on the job, cleaning up around the house, or sweating it out at the gym are all ways that this productivity is engaged and expressed. They just like feeling busy, to the degree that they can become workaholics. Virgo Moon is also comfortable when being of service to others. It's very important that they feel useful and they'll do anything that they can to help the people around them.

Helping their loved ones is usually the strongest way for them to show that they care. They won't often do it based on gushy affections or excess emotion, as they're not fans of either and can be at something of a loss when others act this way toward them. But, Virgo Moon does like to lend people a hand. However, it still won't be done based on too much sentiment. They're all about finding solutions to problems, which can sometimes minimize the importance of raw feeling. Those around them will be encouraged to approach their situation from the most practical angle.

Becoming a mom or dad is something that Moon in Virgo males and females will take seriously. It'll be seen not as something frivolous or even all that fun, but as a real responsibility. These individuals will not slack on their parental duties and can be unforgiving toward themselves if they do. It'll be very important that their kids be well-groomed, well-behaved, and well-educated. They might be a bit too critical of their achievements, at times, even if they are just trying to help and better their children. The importance of consistency and reliability will be instilled, early on. Virgo Moon will raise their kids to be dedicated and hardworking, helping them to become adults who can thrive successfully in the world.

Famous Moon in Virgo Souls: Natalie Portman, Jack Nicholson, Anna Paquin, Charles Bukowksi, Madonna, Michael Fassbender, Michelle Pfeiffer, Marvin Gaye

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