Moon in Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio

Emotions are experienced with remarkable power and depth for a Scorpio Moon. Their feelings are intensified and virtually no emotion is left unexplored by them, no matter how dark or unpleasant it may be. Yet, there's also a mysterious element to their emotional lives, which they can keep veiled or obscured. Knowing how intense they are and how much they can overwhelm others, a Scorpio Moon female or male often keeps many of its feelings in reserve, only expressing them in certain situations. This gives them an immense emotional reservoir and an inner world full of secrets.

They are frequently looking for secrets, too. Unable to tolerate superficiality for long, Scorpio Moon naturally flows through life by digging deep below the surface. They do so through serious bouts of introspection, as well as by using their exceptional intuitive nature to perceive the true thoughts and feelings beneath anyone's facade. In fact, they're so perceptive that they can end up hitting too close to the truth for comfort at times, unnerving or intimidating others. Yet, they short-circuit when forced to skid along the surface, resulting in a paranoia about people's true motives.

It's not surprising, then, that they are ironically comfortable in deep, dark emotional places that frighten most other people. A certain power comes from this and power makes them feel at ease. But, it's power over others, through their sharp insights or their sexual magnetism. They must be pursuing this power positively or else a certain destructive, manipulative streak can take hold and cause them to wreak havoc. Power over others must be used to heal and strengthen those they care for. As difficult to know as they might seem, Scorpio Moon men and women truly need intimacy and a definite sense of privacy with loved ones to feel comfortable.

Because they can come off as so strong and can be so good at hiding their vulnerabilities, most people don't realize just how sensitive they are. But, they do care a lot about other people's feelings. Moon in Scorpio frequently plays the role of counselor to their loved ones, especially when they're seriously troubled. With their sharp emotional insight, they nurture people like psychologists, helping them to pinpoint their emotional issues and find ways to heal and empower themselves. They should just make sure the other person can handle the real, raw truth before uttering it.

Like with everything else, they will invest every fibre of their being into parenthood. Raising children often helps them find a deeper level of power from within. If their approach is unbalanced, they can be too controlling or suffocating as parents. Yet, they can also deeply impact their kids in a very positive way. Although their children might get freaked out at their ability to read them like a book, this also establishes a powerful connection between them. Their kids will be taught to honestly face all of their feelings and to develop great emotional strength and resourcefulness in hard times. Also, Scorpio Moon makes a fiercely protective parent. So, heaven help anyone who tries to hurt their child.

Famous Moon in Scorpio Souls: James Dean, Beyonce Knowles, Bjork, Elizabeth Taylor, Adam Levine, Lady Gaga, Bruce Lee, Scarlett Johansson 

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