Afrasiabi bashing Taheri bashing Khatami at Harvard

Afrasiabi bashing Taheri bashing Khatami at Harvard

There is nothing funnier than watching two toffy-nosed, very ambitious characters both getting so worked up over Khatami and each other. What a bunch of losers they all are. Pipe down guys and help Iran back into the modern era.

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- On Khatami's Us Visit
They say that what goes around, comes around. And it is wonderful to see this hypocrite Khatami states: Iran's former president decried a wave of "Islamophobia" that he said is being spread in the United States by fear and hatred of Islam in response...

- Bush, Blair Stern On Islamists In Iran, Syria And Lebanon
For the first time, ever since the Islamists marched in the streets of Iran, and managed to win against the police, but never met the might of the armed forces of Iran in 1979, they have now felt the armed forces of Israel. The whole world is watching...

- Amir Taheri Of Iran Is A Bamboozler
Who would have thought that the world would ever say that of Amir Taheri of Iran? Here is a man, who is one of the icons of English speaking journalism of Iran, being chewed more | digg story...

- Blocking Oil Supply Is A Bigger Threat Than Nuclear Power.
Again Khatami refers to the ability to block The Straits of Hormuz as a bigger threat, than any potential nuclear strike. And the world really cannot do much about it. But in the past, when Iran was not a potential nuclear threat, people like Mossadegh...

- Amir Taheri Vs Bill Clinton
In Iran we have various commentators, and Amir Taheri is regarded very highly. A long time ago he came visiting my dad, and I asked him about democracy in the time of HIM Shahanshah Aryamehr, and his reply was almost the copy of Putin's reply to Bush,...