On Khatami's US visit

On Khatami's US visit

They say that what goes around, comes around. And it is wonderful to see this hypocrite Khatami states:
Iran's former president decried a wave of "Islamophobia" that he said is being spread in the United States by fear and hatred of Islam in response to terror perpetrated by Muslims.

Khatami Blasts Wave of 'Islamophobia'

When it was not like this when Iran was still Islamic before 1979. And then he admits it by stating:
"killers who go among others and kill others in acts of terror, if they identify themselves with Islam, they are lying. You Muslims who live in the United States should be representatives of enlightenment and don't allow those who create this Islamophobia" to speak for the religion.

Khatami Blasts Wave of 'Islamophobia'

I was totally against him being given a visa to go to USA. But it just shows how grand the United States is; that it can invite the very people that want to destroy it. Khatami cannot say the same about the intolerant Islamic Republic.

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