Hard or soft approach to Iranians

Hard or soft approach to Iranians

Immigrants all over the world, seem to always fall into three camps. The super rich, the rich and the poor. So it is in that regard, that we have three kinds of Iranian immigrants. The first two waves of super rich and rich went to EU and US respectively.

Yes, contrary to many people's belief, the very rich Iranians did not got to US, for the same universal tax reasons, as all the very very rich people in the world do not go there. The United States took all the brains, or the upper middle class entrepeneurs from Iran, when the Islamic-Marxists took over the streets in 1979. Doing business in Iran became dreadfully hard, and many lawyers, doctors, engineers left Iran. There was a massive brain drain.

The third wave of Iranians were the poor Iranians, that were not in business in Iran, and they found it easier to go to Europe, where the immigration policies were easier. Together with the super rich, they leaved Iran for two completely different reasons. Many of the poor Iranians left Europe to go to United States, but returned, because EU governments could provide for them better health and educational services than the US. Many still think that the level of security in Europe, and the cultural sophistication, is more akin to what they are used to in Iran. The European way of life was more soft, and the US way of life was a lot harder.

So it is with some amusement, that I read this article by Justin Darr. After 26 years the Iranians have become just like the countries they migrated to. We have the Iranian Americans who are mostly Republican, and the Iranian Europeans who are for want of a better description, anti-Bush. It was not like that of course, and it is only because of the recent cowboy "black and white" attitude, that such a split has taken place.

Iranians can feel that they have to follow either the EU camp or the US camp, but it is not so. Iranians need to understand that Iran has its own inherent culture that is neither US or EU. The present arguments between the various opposition movements; whether one should have a Democratic Constitutional Monarchy in the spirit of The Declaration of Human Rights by Cyrus the Great in 559 BC; or whether one should have a Republic with no affiliations to Iran's history. For those of us who have lived in EU, and have seen full spectrum of political views in a Britain, the choice is clear. Republics tend to have politics meddle in all aspects of life, and ironically use nationalism to foster cover their economic mismanagement. Politicians should be elected and changed, once their economic policies have failed, before they have time to wage war.

So the Iranians in EU have a soft approach to their compatriots to Iran, and the Iranians in the US have a harder approach. The Iranians in the US might at some point, feel that they cannot keep ignoring Iran, and live and prosper in the US (the land of opportunity), when the US economy really takes a dive. The Iranians in EU are used to living in more cyclical economies, and have learnt to share more with governments and so expect less. The Iranians in EU have managed to do business with the Iranians in Iran, whilst the ones in US who have really abandoned Iran, have difficulty doing business with Iran, for obvious reasons. In short, the Iranian Americans are more American Iranian, and the Iranian Europeans are less European Iranian, when viewed by a native Iranian at home.

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