Get Neptunized (Neptune-Pisces Transits for February and March 2015)

Get Neptunized (Neptune-Pisces Transits for February and March 2015)

Photo by Patricia Herlevi 

Since Neptune is a power player in my Natal Chart and a power player for 2015 in general, I'm including Neptune and Pisces transits to keep your eyes on. Pisces and Virgo are most affected by these transits and Sagittarius and Gemini mainly experience squares to planets transiting in Pisces, especially the Saturn-Neptune Square this year.

In February Mars and Venus tour in Pisces then form a coupling from the 9th through the 19th when both planets transit into Aries (still wed to each other).  Venus in Pisces conjuncts Neptune from the 1st to the 5th while resonating through the first week.  Now, this could suggests a myriad of situations, but mainly people will focus on romantic relationships.  In this situation, Venus and Mars balance out male and female energies, within each of our psyches and also in the outer world.  Neptune comes in and has us weaving fantasies or glamorizing the object of affection who we long to merge with.  But Neptune is also a weaver of illusions and if we don't do the necessary work in building structure to a partnership, it will most likely dissolve.

As far as same sex couples, the Venus and Mars represents the male and female sides of each of you.  And the Mars and Venus along with Neptune can confuse the gender roles you perform in the partnership.  For all of us, Venus and Mars in alignment with Neptune also asks us to gaze past illusions we have woven and build a solid structure that works.  At the beginning of the month Mars forms a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn (building new structure and transformation) with Mars bringing the drive behind Pluto's transformation.  Mars also conjuncts Chiron (Pisces) during this time which allows us to heal childhood wounds around spirituality, feeling invisible or our sensitivities.

I'm picking up something about tossing out role models we had in the past and still cling to in regard to how we perceive relationships.  Now is the perfect time to move past illusions, especially in regarding these role models or sets of relationship standards that we learned in childhood.  Some of these ideals cause us deep wounding, especially ideals about meeting the perfect partner, which doesn't exist in reality.  Pisces and Neptune fall for this trap especially with the polarity of Virgo--the perfectionist.  The other Neptune-Pisces trap appears when we find a wounded person and try to fix them thus creating a co-dependent relationship.

The classic example is of the woman who gets involved with an alcoholic musician because she sees potential so she allows the relationship to destroy both of their lives through the act of enabling destructive behavior.  The other classic example is of Elizabeth Taylor, the Piscean actress who married multiple times. She also dealt with alcoholism (also Neptune-Pisces).  But boy did this lady have compassion for others.

On one hand, Neptune-Pisces fuels the imagination and sparks creativity as well as, spiritual ascendance. But on the dark side, this expansive and alluring energy triggers addictions in everyone as a form of escaping the mundane physical world.  With Chiron also in Pisces, deep healing can occur in the realm of addictions especially by finding the roots of addiction in early childhood then forgiving, releasing and allowing those stories to go. Picture those stories like white balloons floating up the clouds then disappearing forever.

Saturn in Sagittarius tightens its square with Neptune in Pisces. It's possible that we will pit spirituality, especially new age spirituality against organized religions.  Instead of seeing Unity Consciousness and tying threads together of the various religions we could get caught up in religious wars or experience large religious structures or organizations suppressing alternative spirituality such as channeling entities (or practicing the Law of Attraction and other Universal principles which find no basis in religion).  I'm already seeing this in the comment sections of new age videos posted on YouTube.  But don't despair and do practice compassion and forgiveness. Turn the other cheek and don't argue with those who try to push their beliefs on you.  Don't give into darkness or fear and keep shining your light on the world.  Remember Saturn wants to control and hold onto old structures, which Neptune is quickly dissolving.

We could also see super storms that destroys physical structures or hear about the decaying of ancient churches, temples and even pagan monuments caused by weather damage over the centuries.  And along with this we discover ancient civilizations or find more ancient scrolls featuring teachings of ancient masters since I equate Sagittarius with archaeology and Saturn with buildings/civilization.  Since Venus is in Pisces squaring Saturn in Sagittarius, we could even discover ancient civilizations that were women-centered.

On March 20, we experience a Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces and I believe this is one of the six Super Moons of 2015, meaning this Moon is closest to the Earth.  Since I have my Natal Moon in Pisces conjunct Saturn, I'll be keeping my eyes on this Moon and staying alert to events that occur around this Moon.  Also eclipses carry more weight than a regular New or Full Moon and 29 degrees ends a cycle, even though this is technically a New Moon.  This means that anything with a Pisces theme that comes up from the past, such as a career in the performing arts or a project in the performing arts or even an old foot injury comes up again now for closure.  This could even bring healing of an addiction for many of you, especially around drugs, alcohol, or spiritual addictions.

Other planetary transits in Pisces in March include the Sun, of course, which conjunct Neptune at the beginning of the month and then Chiron while also squaring Saturn in Sagittarius (1st week).  Mercury moves into Pisces for a short stay on the 13th. During this time our language seems more flowing, smooth and compassionate.  When Mercury sails in Pisces, it's a perfect time to meditate or practice yoga.  And take advantage of this time for peaceful activities since Mercury shifts into Aries on March 31st.

Pisces, now is your time to shine your light in the world, but you must heal your illusions and addictions first. Practice self-love and self-care so you don't fall prey to deceptive relationships.  Just because someone feels like a soul mate doesn't mean that he or she is. With all this Neptune energy it is easy to get lost in false hopes and dreams.  But on the other hand, I love these words by Esther Hicks as she channeled Abraham, "Don't face reality because reality is diddly squat."  But do use Virgo discernment, Gemini communication and Sagittarius expansion and freedom to sail your ships.  It's true that we place too much value in realism and old world structures, but we also don't want to just float through life and end up in murky waters.  Find balance now and above all, learn to create your own reality.  After all, the menu of dimensions goes on forever and we get to choose who sails our ships into the cosmos.

Topics & Themes in the Media:

Marine industries 
Fishing industry
Photography and photographers 
Dance and choreography
Musicians and Music
Sound healing
Hospices and hospitals
New Age, Religion, Spirituality
Past civilizations
Animals, especially pets
Whales, Dolphins
Long distance travel
Shoes, feet, foot doctors, reflexology
Whales and dolphins
Mediums and Channels 
Boundaries and issues regarding personal space
Oil and other fossil fuels
Chemicals and sensitivities 
Drug laws
Immigration issues
Marijuana and tobacco 

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