Planets in the 7th House: The Moon

Planets in the 7th House: The Moon

The second to last planet in my Planets in the 7th House series is the Moon. I?ve already done an article on the Moon in the 7th House but this one will be going more in-depth into this placement. The Moon is a changeable, responsive planet, all dependent on moods and feelings. And things will get even moodier when someone?s Moon sign is in their 7th House. This placement will make a person constantly respond to the other person?s responses. There is always this constant mirroring, where 7th House planets are concerned, and it?s easy to get lost in the reflections.
Just like the previous placement I tackled, Uranus in the 7th House, can be one of the most independent planets in this house, the Moon in the 7th House can be one of the most dependent planets here, if not the most. After all, the Moon is about dependency. Whatever house the Moon is in represents the things we?re really going to need, to a degree that might make us very needy and emotionally demanding in this area of life. The 7th House is the house of other people. Therefore, more so than the rest of us, with a 7th House Moon, you really, really need other people.

This is why you?re constantly reacting to other people?s reactions. In order to feel safe, you want to know that the other person will always be there and that there?s real harmony between you two. Moon in the 7th House can make for a real caregiver in their one-on-one relationships. You need to feel needed, as if your significant other or good friend would be totally off-balance without you by their side. You are really sensitive to other people?s moods, especially if you have the Moon in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. You thrive on coming into the picture to get them back to a state of emotional equilibrium and your partners, in particular, can become quite dependent on this.

Yet, you are just as dependent on them. You want them to be able to provide the same kind of nurturing you give to them. The 7th House is about our expectations in relationships. So, with the Moon in the 7th House, you want to both nurture and be nurtured, in equal measure. Therefore, if your romantic partner, in particular, is not very sensitive to your own feelings and needs, it might be difficult for you to be as sensitive to theirs as you?d like to be. When 7th House planets? expectations aren?t met, they might not know what to do! That is, if they?re depending too much on other people to give that planet?s energy to them. So, without receiving sensitivity, you may seem to lack it.

This certainly wouldn?t be true because you don?t express anything emotionally without considering how it would make someone else feel. However, if they?re not concerned enough about how their responses make you feel, you can start becoming emotionally distant. In fact, not having very sensitive people around you can make you increasingly lack emotional awareness, which would be particularly true if your Moon is in an Air sign. People with a 7th House Moon really need someone around who can help them make sense of their emotions. You want to be able to bounce your feelings off of someone else, just like Mercury in the 7th bounces their thoughts off of another person. A second opinion allows you to be more deeply in touch with your feelings.

But, you cannot be too dependent on people being there to take care of you and understand your emotions. This must be something that you develop independently. Those with the Moon in the 1st are the flip-side of you, in that they have a highly intuitive awareness of their moment-to-moment feelings and needs that is very self-generated and self-reliant. You, on the other hand, seem to be looking for this from other people. You must look within for it, first and foremost. Moon in the 7th House people must learn to recognize the sound of their gut, their instinctive inner voice. You expect others people to tap into this voice for you. But, it?s a very internal thing, above all else.

Listening to it will allow you to satisfy your needs with much more self-sufficiency. You are quite lost when it comes to taking care of yourself by yourself and have to learn how to do this. The Moon represents the maternal figure but this maternal figure is often just as much, if not more, in our psyche than in front of us. This position can indicate a desperate search for a mother figure or a very co-dependent attachment to Mommy. But, you?ve got to be able to Mommy yourself. Figure out what your Moon sign needs to be nurtured and consistently give it to yourself. Also, 7th House Moon people often have to teach themselves all the basics of domesticity: how to cook, clean, feed yourself regularly, and keep a nice home, with or without someone else.

The great thing is that when you are able to own this nurturing energy and express it independently, you will draw people into your life who can meet you halfway. Once Moon in the 7th House learns to take good care of themselves, they will attract people who can not only take good care of themselves, as well, but of their partner. There just needs to be a mutual respect of each others? emotional well-being, with an intuitive sensibility for each other?s rhythms. The insensitive need not apply! When it comes down to close relationships, you prefer those who have a softer touch. You could not be romantic partners or even good friends with someone who rides roughshod over people?s feelings because that?s just not what relationships are about to you.

This soft touch is evident once you develop a one-on-one bond with another person. Planets in the 7th House indicate our influence on others on a personal level. And with the Moon in the 7th House, your influence makes things emotionally charged. For some with this placement, they turn many moments in their relationships into something straight out of Terms of Endearment. The sentimentality can be overwhelming, complete with easily shed tears and endless warm hugs. Others with a 7th House Moon will not get so sappy but more so insist on a very emotionally connected dynamic in their relationships. You will seek to go deep, to peek into each others? souls.

But, things might also get pretty crazy in your relationships, as well. The Moon, after all, is an irrational energy. And this can mean that you bring out the irrational side of others. While a 1st House Moon is more so apt to be the sole lunatic in the situation, a 7th House Moon can turn others into lunatics, too. Maybe this is because you, at your worst, can be so insecure or moody with other people that you bring out their worst moods and insecurities. However, it can simply be because you encourage others to get primal. For you, relationships are about removing the mask of sanity, throwing rationality out the window to connect on a much more instinctual level. This is, after all, the way to understanding your feelings. Yet, the paradox here is that the innate balance and harmony of the 7th House can generally keep this lunar vibe from getting too out of hand.

Your love affairs depend on this ability to be unguarded and get fully comfortable with each other. In fact, comfort matters so much to Moon in the 7th House people that their perfect first date is at the other person?s apartment or home. You want to know how at home you can be with them. In the end, things will be very domestic in your relationships. Even if the Moon is in a more free-spirited sign like Gemini, Sagittarius, or Aquarius, 7th House Moon people are still total settlers at heart. You can have plenty of fun just spending a lot of intimate quality time at home with your significant other, doing nothing but eating takeout food and watching your favorite movies together.

Integrating your partner with the family is a very big deal, although ?the family? can also mean your long-time group of friends. But, his or her ability to mesh with your loved ones is everything to you. In many cases, this proves to be seamless, as your lover can uncannily seem like a long-lost member of the group. More than most, you go for partners who are very familiar, to the point of them being exactly like your parent or sibling or best friend. Again, this is due to that need for a significant other who you?re immediately comfortable with, as if you already know them.

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