The Non Violent Resistance of Iran

The Non Violent Resistance of Iran

Starting a war or an argument, is short and sweet, but starting a war or an argument, and winning the peace is forever.

That's what I thought of just now. The words just jumped off my sore fingers this morning. I am an astrologer; I look at the position of the moon and the planets with a live software, just like you look at the clouds in the sky. I am thinking to myself, "what the heck? what is it that has taken me to write this?" I got this unsolicited email from the communist party of Iran, decided not to mark it as spam, and then, whilst browsing the various Iranian forums, came here, and the words jumped out.

Nuts, but that's the era we are in. We roam around the various sites, and then suddenly an idea pops into our head, and out it comes. So what is it we Iranians need to do? We go like visionaries, enlightened folk to tell others of our great solution. Then we hit some die-hard fighters and we find that we need to use their weapons. Suddenly the idea is severely blunted.

In Iran today the internet, instant messaging and other methods that cannot be controlled is winning. It reminds me of the power of the print after it was invented in Europe and allowed protests to organised and promoted against catholics. Protestants they are called now.

In Iran we never had Islamic Protestants (IP). And it is quite weird that the first IPs are in the internet. All of us have an IP, and we are able to protest. Whacky! Stupid! Childish! That's right.

You are an Independant Person (IP). You have a right to be who you are, and as an astrologer I know that everyone is a Prophet or Son of God. We are all part of Creation. We are all creating. So there is no power greater than you and we all except that we are different. So no one can tell you who you are, and how you should be.

You know that you have the same need to create like other Iranians or Iranian lovers. Iran and the meaning to be associated with Iran is important to you. Any idea that is not related to Iran does not appeal to you that much. And any idea that tells you that Iran is this or that; when you know it is not this or that, really disgusts you. That alien idea is like a magas needs to be grabbed and thrown out. You look at this magas and say, "do I wack it and kill it, or try to catch it and throw it out".

If you are angry you get the spray out and nuke it. If you are quick then you catch it and you look at it, swear at it, and then throw it out. But how many of us can catch them? How many of us like to kill? So what do we do?

If we kill it, then it will be on our conscious. How can we get through and let it see the truth. And then a light bulb turns on above my head and I have an idea. Turn the light off your room, but turn on the light on next door, and the magas will go there. And it does. It leaves freely and willingly towards the light. Job done.

The future of Iran is being solved in the same manner. The magas is being ignored. Lights are switching off. Iran is ready to shut down. The people are going to stay at home, in a Non Violent Resistance. The magas will live in darkness. Buzz Off! is the message, loud and clear. The theocrats will know for sure that they are aliens. They will know, and more importantly the UN, Chinese, and the rest of the world will know that the theocrats do not represent the people of Iran. They will know that the Iranian has her or his own spirit that is the mother of Human Rights.

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