Two More Exact Uranus-Pluto Squares (last week of February & March 11-28)

Two More Exact Uranus-Pluto Squares (last week of February & March 11-28)

green lines represent the Yod March 5, 2015 
I'm not sure why astrologers aren't calling the Uranus-Pluto Square with both planets at 14 degrees (February 20-28) an exact square. We're certainly feeling it as an exact square. Then in March, we will experience what the astrologers are calling an exact square between Uranus and Pluto (15 degrees) from the 11-28. However, for most of this, Pluto, Jupiter and Chiron form a Yod (ends on March 24) and Yods dampen the planetary energies. This Yod acts as our saving grace.

First, let's look at the Yod with Chiron (an asteroid) in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Leo.  It's ironic that I'm presenting this Yod at all since astronomers and some astrologers demoted Pluto from a planet to an asteroid several years, if not a decade ago.  But nonetheless, any of us who have suffered the wrath of this transform-or-die planet don't agree with Pluto's demotion.  And some of you are thinking, well, Chiron is just an asteroid so why should we concern ourselves with Chiron forming a Yod with Jupiter and Pluto (not a real planet anyway)?

And here's my response.  If you experience no transformation in your life from the Pluto and Chiron transits then live with your belief that neither Pluto or Chiron play a significance in astrology.  Or maybe you believe that astrologers who do read Chiron and Pluto transits are living in airy fairy land and practicing a bunch of superstition.  Go ahead and think that, but this type of thinking won't lead to your enlightenment any time soon.  Pluto and Chiron mostly work on our deeper subconscious urges, patterns and beliefs.  They exist in the realm of psychotherapy and shamanism as we retrieve lost pieces of our souls shattered by our earthly experiences.  While Neptune deals mainly with the super conscious, Pluto deals with the darker recesses of our minds (the places we fear to go).

Chiron in Pisces tells us the places where we escape or self-medicate or suffer delusional thinking.  Perhaps an event revolving around religion or spirituality wounded us as a child. One example I come up with is parents who join a cult and drag their children into the experience or children growing up with overzealous parents who brainwash them with dogma that wounds them.  Chiron in Pisces also revolves around co-dependency and addiction themes such as a child taking care of an alcoholic parent or even grandparent.

Put this together with Pluto in Capricorn which dismantles old structure, authority, and the old way of doing business including in the area of religion (especially with Jupiter in Leo involved in the Yod).   I believe that religious experiences (past and present) will come up now as will experiences around education, foreign relations (especially on the global scale), as well as, environmental concerns.  Why environmental concerns? Wounded people are most likely to cause planetary destruction or to harm others and Chiron tells us that the healing that we receive comes from a spiritual experience.

With this Yod, we will ask some crucial questions in regard to how we delegate authority verses become our own authority.   Pluto in Capricorn represents the Earth in this Yod, Jupiter represents higher learning and Chiron represents healing our wounds so that we can facilitate the healing in others.  People most likely to experience this Yod, have planets in Pisces, Leo or Capricorn at around 14 to 17 degrees.  I have my Chiron at 18 degrees Pisces so I'm experiencing this Yod in my Natal Chart as disillusionment with institutions or even business or concepts in which I once gave my loyalty.

Where do we give away our authority? Where do we dismiss the wisdom coming from our Higher Selves in favor of a so-called expert, especially a religious or academic authority? Where do we give our power away? What is common sense and does common sense always serve the greater good? Many of our beliefs and practices find roots in ancient patriarchal structures and systems that no longer serve us (as if they ever did) or the planet.  Uranus and Pluto challenge us with this theme, but the Yod acts as a buffer so we can step back and explore our options.  Many of us are swimming in Neptune's fog these days which takes away the strength of our decision-making skills, especially if we don't feel grounded in "reality." Then I ask, who's reality?

The final Uranus-Pluto Square from March 11 - 28 acts as a culmination of the previous exact squares beginning June 2012.  Have we let go of those ideas, situations and circumstances (even people, even marriages and alliances) that no longer serve us? Have we ignored the warning signs which started popping up around June 2012? The sooner we let go of these situations that aren't in our best interest, the sooner we can get on with the integration process featured in 2015 and 2016.

Believe me when I say that these changes challenge us to the core of our being.  I, like many others have experienced complete changes of lifestyle and personality even during the series of Uranus-Pluto Squares (my Sun is at 8 degrees Cancer, AC at 6 degrees Capricorn, North Node at 2 degrees Cancer and Mercury is at 11 degrees Cancer).  To give you an idea of the types of lifestyle changes that occur, I was an arts journalist before diving into astrology (as a profession) in 2012.  And as much as I love astrology, I feared that my colleagues would laugh me off the face of the planet when I hung up my astrology shingle, "practicing astrologer", do you mean, practicing lunatic?

But over the years I searched for a modality that I could use to help other people on the planet.  Journalism, as much as I loved it, didn't allow me to offer the same deep healing I offer you with this blog.  And I didn't want to go back to school to learn energy healing or physically touch anyone.  I don't even enjoy people touching me except under special circumstances.  I'm not free and easy with hugs or handshakes, but I can offer my mind and intuition as a tool to help humanity.

So what I'm getting at here is that each of you has a unique path and if you're not currently on that path, Uranus and Pluto will kick you into gear.  They're not gentle planets and they don't even mean well because they are planets after all without personalities.  Pluto transits feel personal, but they're not, even if they open the cage door and set you free.  Face it, we have to change the way we're living on the planet period.  And humanity requires a huge kick in the rear to wake up from destructive everyday practices.  Pluto and Uranus act as foes in that they bring out the best in our abilities to survive.  Yet, we survive by letting go and not hanging on.  Giving up or quitting a bad situation is good news with this Square.  It's required.

So if the marriage isn't working, let it go.  If you hate your job, let it go.  If you spend most of your time doing self-sacrificing acts, stop it.  We are leaving the age of self-sacrifice behind and now is the time to reclaim your power and your passion. What type of life would you build for yourself if no walls contained you? Where would you go if someone opened the door of the proverbial cage? What life do you dream for yourself and ask yourself why you're not living that dream.  No more excuses.  Your dream is your gift to the planet unless it's a hedonistic fantasy which doesn't count as the life dream.  There's also that saying, "Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it," especially with Jupiter in Leo (Ruler of the Sun).

I could probably blog all day on this topic, but I'm stopping here.  Listen to your inner voice and you'll know what to do during these Uranus-Pluto Squares and the Yod.  Lay low for two months if possible and regroup.  Be easy on yourselves, get rest, eat healthy and practice forgiveness and compassion.  I know these are challenging times and I'm in the planetary transit trenches along with you.  Chiron says that forgiveness of self and others is the answer and the key that opens the cage and sets us free.

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