March 2015 Full Moon Forecast--Roaring like a Lion

March 2015 Full Moon Forecast--Roaring like a Lion

I worked on the video for March's Full Moon yesterday for three hours and decided to include the script here along with the video.  I'm not sure if Virgo had anything to do with me talking in a rapid fashion. Perhaps Mercury loaned me some of his quicksilver.

This Month with the Virgo Full Moon the verbs are fix, perfect and serve, since Virgo represents the servant and also the sixth house in the natal chart of service.  So keep these verbs in mind for the first week of March.  And also treat those who serve you with respect and dignity.

Consequently, we also grow restless and critical during this time.  Refrain from complaining and focus on service instead.  However, if we have dealt with bad service of any kind, it will be difficult not to criticize during this time.  It?s always better to focus on solutions rather than problems.  This would be good time to contact politicians and corporations you find troublesome and share your suggestions with them, rather than send scathing reviews, which just trashed anyway.

Having said that, activities such as editing, proof reading, critiquing, polishing and cleaning go well this week.  Just make sure that you don?t take on a loved one as an improvement project.  And remember that not everyone appreciates a makeover.  If you must do a makeover, do it on yourself and thus inspire others.

Remember the old saying for March, ?In like a lion, out like a lamb??  This month, the winds of change bring us a roaring lion.  This is because Uranus prepares for its final exact square with Pluto and later in the month, we experience a Solar Eclipse in Pisces, right before the Moon and Sun transit into Aries ushering in the Vernal Equinox.

And forget the lamb this year, March ends with the same lion, hopefully pacified by Venus when she arrives in stabilizing Taurus.

On the 5th of March, we experience the Full Moon in Virgo at 15 degrees (rounded up).  With the Full Moon in Virgo, we want to perfect, purify and fix our lives, but especially around themes found in the House where Virgo is on the cusp. 

So if you have Virgo on the cusp of your 2nd House, you?ll want to polish your skills and talents.  If you have Virgo on the cusp of your 12th House, you?ll explore the purity of your spiritual practices and so on.  And since this is a Full Moon, this perfecting comes at a ripe time.

As we struggle to find the purity of intent, we gaze critically at the world and those closest to us.  We also wonder how to serve the planet in which we find fault.  And I advise focusing on service rather than the problems or we end up in a festival of rants.  You do know what I mean, especially those of you born in the 1960s.

Since this is the first Full Moon of the year in a Mutable Sign and several planets and Chiron transit in Mutable Signs in 2015, pay attention, especially for children born in the 1960?s when Uranus and Pluto were conjoined in Virgo and Chiron transited in Pisces. 

Prior to the March Full Moon, the Moon, squared Saturn, opposed Neptune and then moved into an opposition with Chiron and the Sun.  This suggests a number of potential scenarios, but I prefer people serving the planet through compassionate acts.  As we serve through these compassionate acts, we heal our deeper wounds as revealed to use by Chiron.

I also get an image of wounded feet.  Take better care of your feet in March because I see foot injuries, tired feet and blisters.  I?m thinking of the blistered of feet of spiritual pilgrims.  This is symbolic and actual.  Refrain from wearing high heels and make sure that you stretch out your feet or give yourself foot soaks and massages.  Feet figure prominently, especially around March?s New Moon.

In addition, the Moon trines Pluto and forms an inconjunct with Venus/Mars/Uranus in Aries.  And, Jupiter in Leo trines Venus/Mars/Uranus while powering up Fire energy.  Now, we could use that Fire energy to give wings to our chosen service.  However, if we align that Fire energy with critical thought we could misdirect our anger and cause harm to others.  With Venus and Mars conjunct Uranus hedonism gets out of hand and sex becomes a weapon of destruction.
Other planetary events happening around this earthy Full Moon include a Saturn-Neptune Square and Jupiter in Leo forming a Yod with Chiron and Pluto (which ends on March 24). 

This suggests that we hit dead ends with our plans so it?s best to concentrate on hobbies now instead of professions or larger projects.  Yods don?t just slow movement, but throw up the stop sign to remind us of Divine Timing.  And meanwhile, the Saturn-Neptune square dissolves old structure also leaving us in limbo land.  Signs most affected by the Yod are Leo, Capricorn and Pisces.

The Full Moon Virgo opposes Neptune and Chiron in Pisces suggests to me service with compassion.  Or we can broaden what we normally think of as service such as cleaning, customer service or nursing, and instead take this idea of service into fine and performing arts.
For you creative folks (which really is all of us), think of ways you can employ photography, moviemaking, dance, choreography and music as a service to better the planet.  For instance, we will visit music therapy, dance therapy, photo therapy, sound healing, and feel free to add to this list.

Movies that speak to us now focus on compassion, love and forgiveness.  Watching movies with characters that overcome addiction and stop acting like victims have more meaning for us during the Full Moon in Virgo and the New Moon in Pisces.

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