Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo

Leo Moon's feelings are dramatized and often exaggerated. When expressing their emotions, they behave much like an actor on the stage or screen would. Moon in Leo acts like every emotional situation is a drama, in which they are the protagonist, and expect the utmost attention and interest from their audience. Their emotional lives are colorful, to say the least, but you won't find most of these people down in the dumps for very long. Their primary mood is one of optimism and they have a very positive attitude that can easily eliminate their darkest moods.

Self-expression is the way in which a Leo Moon woman or man flows through life. It's their instinct to fully express whatever they're feeling and they can feel deeply unsettled when others block this freedom of expression. When faced with such situations, then their strong pride and will kicks in, as they refuse to be subjugated to the will of another individual. This powerful need for self-expression manifests as a strong creative streak, which is second nature for those with this position. They will gravitate toward any activity, especially any sort of performing, that grants them the spotlight.

It should be said: the center of attention is typically where Moon in Leo will feel most comfortable. This may not be around everyone, though. Just intimate friends and family members. But, they can feed on attention so much that they express an entitled or self-absorbed streak that might turn off those they are so willing to charm. An instinct for leadership is often present and positions of authority will make them feel right at home. This is another way for them to be right at the center of things, but in a manner that promotes the welfare of everyone around them.

People with a Leo Moon are very emotionally warm and accessible. It's not at all difficult for them to connect with others and they tend to be heart-on-their-sleeves type of folks. Even though they can be amazingly generous, they can also be quite high-maintenance. They tend to be overly preoccupied with their emotional needs, as well as constantly expecting others to cater to them. However, they have big hearts and do sincerely care when someone is down. In these moments, they'll do everything that they can to turn someone else's frown upside down.

Children can be a big passion for these men and women. Even before they become mothers or fathers, they have an uncanny ability to relate to children, mainly because they are childlike themselves in spirit. Their kids will have a fun, exciting playmate by their side. Yet, they should always remain respectful of their Leo Moon parent. If not, these parents can turn from big kids to rigid tyrants, in an instant. They want their children to be little princes and princesses, giving them the best of everything. They'll always be encouraged to shine, yet a certain stage-parent streak might have to be watched. It's important for them to remember to see their children as individuals, not as reflections of themselves.

Famous Moon in Leo Souls: Oscar Wilde, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Alexander Skarsgard, Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood, Idris Elba

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